About Us

The Packing House Wine Merchants offer excellent service with an enjoyable, relaxing, and fun atmosphere at which to shop, drink, and learn about wine. We provide our customers with the highest quality wines and specialty items at the most competitive prices.

Our Team:

Sal Medina (President)

Where to start? This Wine Shop has been a dream of mine for the past 4 years and I am very excited that it has finally become a reality!

While in college I worked as a liquor buyer for Albertson’s where I was introduced to wine & spirits. You can say this is where it all began. After graduating from the University of La Verne I taught Economics/ World History at Monrovia High School for 7 years. While teaching I worked part-time at “The Wine Shoppe” in Monrovia for fun and to continue learning about wine.

After realizing that although I enjoyed teaching (still do) and had for years thought of opening my own wine shop, it was now or never. So I quit teaching and became a nomad. For 2 years I traveled the United States, Canada, Europe, and Mexico. I came home every couple months to regroup, visit with E.V. (my beloved girlfriend), and search for a location for my wine shop. During this time I learned about myself, wine, and, became confidant enough to sign a lease here at the Claremont Packing House. This was January 2006.

I found the Packing House almost by accident as I was driving around the local communities searching for a new place to live in. But once I walked into the vacant Packing House and learned about the City’s vision for the expansion, I was sold.  We immediately moved to into the community and made Claremont our new home.  We have have found many new friends and have worked hard to create a comfortable, yet fun wine shop, bar and lounge where you can come and hang out with friends, make new ones or just enjoy the space we have created for you. 

Ev Sauceda (Marketing Director)

You all probably remember me as the “beloved girlfriend” mentioned above.  Although I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for several years, I never thought I would end up in the wine business.

I was in the event planning industry while I attended the University of San Francisco’s Hospitality Management Business School. But when I moved back to LA to go back to school for my MBA I thought the corporate world was my future. Needless to say I am now in corporate real estate during the day, and wine at night and weekends!

I spearhead marketing for the wine shop by managing events, public relations and community involvement.


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