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First Growth Bordeaux Dinner, September 2011

Last Sunday, we had the opportunity to partner with Chef Osley of Le Cordon Bleu to serve at a dinner thrown by two very dear customers who wanted to do a pairing of all first growth Bordeaux’s from the vintage 1990. Before the dinner, Sal and the host determined the order the wines were to enjoyed based off of their known flavor profiles and tasting notes. The group then tasted each of the wines in a side by side comparison before they were served with food in this order (multiple vintages of the Chateau Mouton were opened because the 1990 was not expected to be good):

  1. Margaux
  2. Haut-Brion
  3. 1990 Mouton
  4. 1986 Mouton
  5. Lafite Rothschild
  6. Latour

The group ranked the wines after tasting them straight out of the bottle and this was the winning order: Lafite, Latour, 1986 Mouton, Haut-Brion, Margaux, and finally the 1990 Mouton.

After some decanting to see how they would open up, the wines were tasted side by side once again and were ranked in the following order: Latour, Lafite, Haut-Brion (which made an amazing jump in quality), Margaux, ’86 Mouton , and lastly the ‘90 Mouton, which never really got better. Both the Latour and Lafite were soft and seductive, complex and well structured and were still able to maintain their youth given their age. The Haut-Brion was tight and aggressive straight out of the bottle but opened up nicely after the decanting. The Margaux was silky, an elegantly feminine wine that drank very well. The ’86 Mouton was originally very tight and after the decanting it opened up uncomfortably while the ’90 was flat from beginning to end.

As for the food, we think the pictures speak for themselves. Check them out along with their descriptions and pairings below, but be prepared to drool! All in all it was a great experience. The hosts were exceptional, the food and wines were simply unparalleled and we were lucky to be a part of it.

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