World of Pinot Noir Tasting Event

10 Mar

This past weekend we attended the World of Pinot Noir event at The Cliffs Resort in Pismo Beach.  This event brought Pinot Noir producers from around the globe together with Pinot Noir enthusiasts.  There were several tasting seminars, luncheons and dinners during this Pinot Noir weekend.  Saturday afternoon the Grand Tasting featured 90+ winery participants all with fantastic Pinot Noirs from all over the world.  Three large tents and a ballroom full of Pinot Noir – we were in heaven!

With only three hours to taste we immediately went to our favorites: Kosta Browne, MacPhail Family Wines, Failla, Freeman, Roar, Lucia and Seasmoke (as always, just to name a few). All, of course, did not disappoint.  After we sampled Pinots from wineries which we knew were going to be popular and would run out of wine, we divided and conquered.  Sal headed to wineries seeking to try the latest and upcoming vintages from wines we currently sell or know we will sell.  Ev focused on finding new wineries which we could bring into the store.  A highlight this year was the International tent with Pinots from Germany, New Zealand, and Australia.  It was nice to see Pinots that are great from all over the world.

The event was quite a success.  There are some great wines out there and to be honest it was quite overwhelming!  This is our 4th year attending this tasting and it never disappoints.

As always, we reminded winemakers and winery owners about our little wine shop in Claremont.  Spending time traveling and meeting with winery principles is key to us maintaining a great wine selection and always being on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the wine world.  These events are the perfect opportunity for us to ask the powers that be for those highly allocated or small production wines.  So stay tuned, there are a lot of great Pinots that will slowly start to come in to the wine shop.

If you are a Pinot fan you might want to attend next year’s event the first weekend of March 2012.  Tickets sell out early so make sure to sign up early!

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